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Education and Protection

Education and Protection

Education is essential in breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty. It lays the foundation for sustained economic growth. Education is key to helping children in marginalized areas to escape extreme poverty and to be able to support a family in a dignified way.

OPRD believes that all children should have the chance to succeed, irrespective of their background or family income. To this end, we support educational programmes to raise the attainment and aspiration of children from the informal settlements. We support informal schools; learners and teachers with scholarship opportunity, learning materials e.g. desks, books, uniform and technology.

This program help children learn, develop and receive a quality education from childhood through young adulthood, and protect children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence in all regions of South Sudan.

Our education programs make it easy for children, their families and community volunteers to participate, even for those who have missed years of schooling or have never been to school, and include lessons that are meaningful to children’s lives and local culture. Our child-protection programs focus on the most vulnerable children while aiming for the safety and well-being of all children.

OPRD recognize that if children are effectively protected against abuses and exploitation through a broad range of formal and informal protection mechanism at all levels then their prospects of growing into healthy, happy and proactive individuals is increased. We have created awareness on child rights and importance of education through seminars to boost the society knowledge on the Importance of education and protection of children’s right, worked towards strengthening child protection and mapping of the relevant child protection actors and their initiatives.

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